Thursday, March 5, 2009

More content from Manufacturers...

In case you haven't heard (and you're a Revit MEP user), a couple of manufacturers have gotten on the bus with their own content. One is McQuay ( for air side components. Watch the shared parameters file - while it's nice they included this, be careful that you don't overwrite your own parameters. Look at theirs first if you haven't customized this. I don't know about an Autodesk endorsement for their products, but they're still worthy of checking out and using where possible.

Titus has a plug in that goes directly into Revit:

A couple of our TE's have been checking this out, I don't think they're gotten everything working 100% with it, but as with McQuay it bears inspecting.

Trane has had some parts up for while:

Links are in the lower right corner of the page.

It'll be interesting to see what other manufacturers get on the bus this way - these guys are already getting a leg up on the competition.

Happy downloading - David B.

An update - David from McQuay responds about the endorsement part - read on, it's a helpful explanation - thanks - David B.


DavidVS said...

Hi Dave. This is David from McQuay International. I was in your AU class last December (2008).

It's important to note that Autodesk does NOT endorse our products.

We have been working with Autodesk to have our Revit families use *Shared Parameters* that are endorsed by Autodesk, in an effort to start defining industry-wide standard definitions for Revit shared parameters.

Autodesk typically only endorses parameters that are desirable for using on schedules, and also parameters that control connection sizes.

All other parameters in the shared parameters file we distribute, such as for controlling geometry, are purely our own.

David Butts said...

To follow up on my comment, look at their Shared Parameters file first. If you haven't created your own, this is a good example of how data can be incorporated into the family. If you've already edited the file, I would considering adding their shared parameter values to your own families when possible.

thanks - dab