Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creating Plenum Spaces in Revit MEP 2011

While I was working on my classes, ran into this little undocumented feature. Autodesk added a new level type to 2011 (if they did in 2010, I never found it). When you want to create plenum spaces, you have to change the level to plenum - if you don't you won't see your spaces that you added - which, of course, I did about 20 times before I stopped and read the help file.

So, to do this correctly:

- Copy/Monitor your levels from the linked file - if the architect didn't add ceiling levels, you can add your own levels.
- Pick the ceiling level
- Go to the properties palette - change the type to Plenum
- Create a ceiling level view
- Add the spaces - make sure you change their energy analysis settings to plenum.

IES, Ecotect and Green Building all are a lot happier when you fill in the voids - so don't skip this step!

Later - David B.

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