Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tips o' the Day....Plant3D 2011!

Just installed the new Plant 3D 2011, looking forward to rifling through this the next few days...while reading the README (there's a novel thought), found a couple of things the users should know (this is not a complete list, so read the file for more detail)...

- Don't use the RECOVER command with Plant3D - use the command PLANTAUDIT instead.
- When tagging equipment, tags are case-sensitive - so p-100 would be read as a different pump than P-100...
- Line Designation Table configurations do not transfer from project to project...interesting....
- When you have multiple drawings open, and you create an iso from the drawing, you may get a fialure or incomplete drawing - so close and reopen if you're using xref's to generate iso views...I would expect a save beforehand should also help, but better to err on the safe side.
- Polyface meshes don't translate well to ortho drawings, so check the properties of your custom equipment - and avoid using them for the content, or convert to a plain mesh first.
- Flip grips on a pipe may cause the program to crash, so use the rotate grip instead.
- When creating a new project from an existing project, the first time you select the Layer and Color Settings node you may get an unhanded exception error...ignore it, the warning is an "undocumented feature".
- make sure you set the block units to Unitless before using it to create a custom part.
- And for the last one, when using Plant3D models in Navisworks Manage, make sure that the Navisworks Clash Detective is set to examine surfaces only, not lines...I wonder if the same is true for other ACAD platform based modeling apps (such as AutoCAD MEP).

Have a great evening - download your new version today!

Later - David B.

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