Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another IFC Post

When exporting a Revit Architecture model using IFC 2x2 to AutoCAD MEP, the parameters come across pretty well, with a minor hiccup. Revit parameters can includes spaces - but ACAD MEP property set definitions can't read an item with spaces, so with every update, you need to open the newly exported file in ACAD MEP. Rename the Pset_Revit_Identity Data property set definition to Pset_Revit_IdentityData . Next, you can edit the ACAD Arch block definition used in the mvblock definition's default room tag's name and number attibutes to read this new property set instead of "spaceobjects".

Try it out - I've got a the block edited in a new Schedule Table style drawing if wanted - it's small enough to email, so send an email if you're interested.

thanks - David B.

Modeling Content from ThomasNet

Been tracking these guys for a long time, they continue to add content and 3D model components to their site...check it out!

They've also had several good management and business practice articles lately - good reading if you're trying to keep a positive spin and attitude in today's business climate.

Copy and paste the full link above to your address bar - if that doesn't work, here's the main page:

Have a great day - David B.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AutoCAD MEP, Revit and IFC - be careful...

Found something out the hard way the other day...apparently IFC exports using version 2x3 will not import into ACAD MEP at all - so if you are working with an architect using Revit or any other application that you can get an IFC file from, make sure you use IFC 2x2 - tried it out and it works fine, created a project correctly and converted into AutoCAD Architecture walls, and other objects just fine.

I've got this as an open case with Autodesk, so if it gets resolved I'll post it here.

later - David B.