Friday, October 15, 2010

Changes Happen...My Last Day at ASI!

After 13 years of selling, teaching, consulting, cajoling, convincing, listening and helping, I'm hanging up my shingle and leaving the reseller channel...but I'm not going away. I've taken a position as a BIM analyst with a large engineering firm based on the east coast, and will be helping them expand their presence in the southeast.

I'll still be teaching at AU, but more importantly, I'll finally have to chance to post observations and what I've learned from the other side of the fence. My intention is to become more active in regards to the training and consulting environment from the client's perspective, and hopefully continue to help Autodesk make their products the best on the market.

Thanks to Donnie and Paul for giving me my start, the folks at ASI for helping me to expand my world, and the best damn tech and sales team on the planet!

So stay tuned...there's a lot coming down the pipe real soon - see you at AU!


Rick Ross said...

Good luck David. I appreciated all of your expertise and classes at AU. Look forward to seeing what you have this year.

Todd M. Shackelford said...


Good luck in your new endeavor, although I know luck is not a factor with your skills.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget about the little people -Josh (SEC) by the way do you know of any Electrical Bus Duct Families? just send me an email.