Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Autodesk Products More Flexible...the Core Console Example

Been reading a blog about a change in the upcoming release for AutoCAD, in regards to the core console.

Kean Walmsley is the author of this document, which does a great job of explaining a programming feature in plain English.

What the core console does is basically run AutoCAD in a command line only mode - so when running in this mode, you're not loading up every other feature of the program, but still supporting them on demand. Have this as an available alternative to launching and running full AutoCAD is a great improvement, especially if you're trying to batch process anything (for example, I want to do some serious layer cleanup and documentation standards in our standard detail libraries, which will still be primarily in AutoCAD).

So here's my next thought - how would this be handled in Revit? Is there going to be a core set of tools, that we can use to do something similar to batch processing, outside of the normal Revit environment? For example, I need to set up a regular export of specific views and sheets to DWG for a client who's still in the dark ages, running AutoCAD LT 2000. I want to run this as a timed task, against multiple RVT projects, without having to load and run from each file.

It's a pipe dream, but is Autodesk going to make this a reality for more than just AutoCAD? The world wants to the way, Kean - nice work!

thanks - dab