Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Changes to the Autodesk Subscription/Upgrade plans

Greg Arkin has posted a pretty detailed article about upcoming plans to change the Autodesk pricing/subscription model. This wasn't really surprising to me, as Autodesk is gradually moving to similar software vendor models (re: can you say online sales, severely whacked down channel).

The fact is, they've been more than generous to users that have held on to their old AutoCAD's (I had to work with a guy who was still on a DOS System using ACAD 9 a few years back), but the reality of it is, the companies that were either pirating software, or not making the investments in technology with good planning, are the ones who are going to be screwed.

And for those that have been clinging to their precious LISP routines and thinking they're just as productive in a 2D electronic drafting world as we are in the BIM/3D Modeling world with the Suites, you're sadly mistaken - and the cost penalty is going to be high...

So if you're still sitting on your AutoCAD 2000, you've got nobody to blame but yourself. Work with us, and we'll help you leverage the modeling we're doing, re-designing and updating your office, plant, school...whatever...to help you get into the 21st Century the new design paradigm. Get on subscription, and keep your tools current!

News Flash - Autodesk to remove upgrade pricing next March - Older customers screwed! Subscription customers laugh

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