Monday, May 7, 2012

FIM...Part Two...

Back to the jetski fishing rig project...OK, so the rig is about finished. One thing I didn't point out before is that I published the model of the cooler/rod holder to Design Review, and used that in the garage to put this together:

So I'm already doing my part to save the planet...anyway, we wound up making a few changes, but this worked out really well. The rig was placed up on feet, so the Yamaha plume would clear the unit without blowing it off the back end:

The rig holds an Igloo 25 quart cooler, and two Berkley adjustable rod holders. The side mounts allow us to rotate this out for trolling if we want to, although I don't know if they'd hold up to a big king mack or tarpon...but we'll find out. The unit will be anchored down to the tow eyes and the rope ring on the back of the seat. The frame was glued and screwed with stainless steel, so corrosion shouldn't be much of an issue.

Next up - electronics...

We settled on the Humminbird 385 DI combo, due to the small size, waterproof, sonar, GPS and downscan imaging - with the transducer mounted in-hull, so it wouldn't be quite as tacky (like we're not already). We added a gel-based 12 volt battery in a small box in the forward storage compartment, with the openings sealed through the wall to protect the electronics.

Mounting was completed by bolting in a RAM Mounted (Humminbird Specific) in the cup holder - since we never use this, due to the fact the water bottle kept flying out at speed...but this baby ain't going anywhere. Easy removal - just unplug, and loosen the mount, and you can tuck it away for travel. Wiring was coil wrapped to protect from movement during a run, and also to keep the leads from sliding down below the steering.

So, does this qualify for creative? Not sure, but a patent and copyright are on the way...

Next up - the real test in Key West, Florida - watch for pics soon!

Later - David B.

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