Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hitting Benchmarks...and a great read...

Happy to announce we just passed 100,000 hits on the blog - I'm sure it's not as prolific as other sites, but hopefully in all the hits, I've added information and tips that have helped people out. So for all the people who hit this site and found information that was helpful, thanks for dropping by and tuning in. For all those who hit it by accident, maybe you learned a few things about what me and my geek friends really care about.

Speaking of caring about stuff, I just finished reading the AUGI "BIM is a Tool" article - - written by Damon Socha and Jennifer Lanzetti. They couldn't have been more right - it doesn't matter how cool or efficient the tool is if you can't communicate your design intent clearly. The one thing I'd add is that BIM tools do help you find the issues more clearly than in traditional 2D documentation process. It's all about the quality of the response - do you take advantage of the information, and use it to make a better design, reduce conflicts and improve quality.

One other thing - registration for AU members for Autodesk University starts August 28th - if you're planning on attending, and aren't currently a member of the site, go ahead and get signed up. That way, you're more likely to get into the venue's hotel (Mandalay Bay) and get better rooms. You'll also get a better pick of the classes. If you're a first timer, look me up - I'm planning on being one of the mentors for newbies this year.

Have a great day! David B.

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