Thursday, May 29, 2008

Revit MEP 2008 - Adjusting Your Backgrounds

This one comes from Rob Hurlbut at Stanford White, an engineering consulting firm in Raleigh NC. Rob had an issue with the display of the wall hatch patterns in his HVAC and Electrical plans - he didn't want to see them, but could not switch to course display, as it turned his ductwork to single line. So, in his HVAC view, he edited the visibility graphics (typed in VG while in the view), and then checked "Show Categories from All Discplines at the bottom of the Model Categories tab. He then selected the wall line, and chose the Cut - Patterns column. From here he could turn off the visibilty of material patterns in all walls. Nice tip, since the engineers typically don't like to see those, and also since it's not covered in the Revit MEP training book.

One item for the Revit wishlist - it would be really nice if we had dialogues that could be stretched or made bigger - it gets touch not being able to see the full text on some items.

Thanks Rob!

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