Monday, October 19, 2009 a Design World

Working on something new...everyone's heard of BIM (building information modeling), but I'm thinking more along the lines of PIMM...Process Information Modeling and Management). It's the case of where a building is really more of a part of process than an occupied structure. The idea is that you address a manufacturing process, whether it's treating wastewater or building cars, that the structure and components within become a part of a process from beginning to end for design, and then recycled for life cycle management.

To learn what this meant to different people, I started with PIM and found personal information management (makes sense), protocol independent multicast (now that's a mouthful) and Pakistan Intitute of Management among other I decided to make sure both modeling and management are included in this paradigm.

Since we're really taking about not just the creation of the model but the management of the facility, I settled with who's interested in starting a new paradigm?

Remember, PIMM - you heard it here first...more to come on this one soon.

thanks - dab

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