Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slow Performance in ACAD MEP 2010 and 2011

After loading ACAD MEP 2011 on my new Win7 64 bit system, I noticed performance in ACAD MEP 2010 really slowed down dramatically. After checking a few posts, I ran a repair on my 2010 installation, which has fixed the problem. Other solutions beyond this (with reference to comments from Martin Schmid on the discussion groups) include recreating the user profile in Windows, if the repair doesn't improve it dramatically.

One other item I strongly recommend has to do with file maintenance. We've had a few firms experience problems with files that have xref's loaded, as well as issues when a server is swapped out. Anytime there's a new release, do one of these two things to improve performance

- open, audit and save all drawings on a project starting from base files (constructs if you're using Project Navigator) all the way up to your sheets. This helps make sure you don't have an older version base causing problems in an upper level view or sheet - which has happened regularly over the years). DWG convert only changes the release number, so I don't recommend using it - spend the time and do this right to avoid the issues later.

- if the file is still slow, start a new drawing from one of the out-of-the-box templates (you should update your templates with every release as well, by using one of these templates to create a new template, and copy your styles/layers, etc to this new template). Cut and paste all of the geometry from the old into the new drawing, and re-attach reference files from scratch. This full-service cleanup should help dramatically with file specific performance issues. And remember - work from the bottom up - from bases to sheets.

Here's a link to the thread on the MEP discussion groups -

thanks - David B.

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