Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two from Dave Kaldy - Revit Tips - Reduce File Size and Workset Visibilty

One of our technical Engineers, Dave Kaldy, came up with a couple of tech solutions I thought were worthy of the post...if you like these, send him an "attaboy" email to

Reducing Revit Central File Sizes

A lot of times we get calls from clients that are trying to reduce their Central file size. The typical response is to audit, purge , and then compact the file, and if that doesn’t bring the file size down, consider breaking the model into separate files. Here’s the new thing to try before breaking into separate files:

Open the Central file with the “detach from Central” box checked, and then save as a new Central file with a different file name, or to a different location on their server. What this does is it rewrites the database associated with the file and can dramatically reduce the file size.

For example I received a Central file today from one of our clients that was 117 mb. After I detached and saved it as a new Central file to my computer the file dropped to 64mb. I then did an audit, purge, and compacted the file and it dropped to 63 mb. This particular client had been making new local file every day, but they have not touched the Central file directly in about 6 months. Just something to keep in mind...

Workset Visibility in Views
There is a difference in how this works from 2010 and 2011. In 2010 when the Workset is first made there is a check box to make that Workset “Visible by default in all views”. If this box was not checked when the Workset was made then that Workset will not be visible by default in any new views made in the project, and you will have to change this visbility setting in the VV of each view. To fix this you will have to make a new Workset, check the “Visible by default in all views” box, and then move everything in the model from one Workset to this new Workset:

This issue was addressed in 2011. If you look at the Worksets dialogue in 2011 there is an additional column for “Visible in all views”. Worksets with this box checked will be viewable in new views (such as sections).

Kudos to Mr. Kaldy - thanks!!!
Happy BIM'ing - David B.


Unknown said...

There's a compress central file option when you save to Central.
I would avoid creating a new centralfor stff like linkedfiles and other reasons.

David Butts said...

That's true - compress also works, although I liken the save option to changing the oil. The only time you need to worry about linked files in your project is if you move it. If your central is linked into someone elses file, the solution is simple - make a copy of the new central file for the other user, then have then rename it to the old file name - no harm, no foul. You should already be working off of copies of centrals, not the original. That's a workflow we've put into place since we're teaching our users to clean their own files up before sharing them with other companies, to cut down on repititive tasks across the project.