Thursday, September 23, 2010

IES Version 6.1.1 is available

Working on my AU class on energy analysis, and got an update from IES - they've release an update to version 6.1 - which I hadn't loaded go get it!

What's New in VE6.1.1?

Here's a summary of some of the major new features we've introduced in VE6.1.1.

ApacheHVAC Enhancements

We've added a whole host of enhancements to ApacheHVAC including improvement of modelling of DX cooling coils, air source heat pump multiplexing & sizing and fan data mapping for performance curves & auto-sizing.

Apache DHW Profile

Enhancements to Apache DHW (hot water) include optional operation on a separate profile to the
space occupancy and definition of incoming and supply water temperatures.

gbXML Import Enhancements

gbXML import from sources such as Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD has been improved to give the most robust quality import yet.

To find out more and to read all about the great new features check out the New Features document and Release Notes.

Upgrading to VE6.1.1

It's easy to upgrade from previous versions to the latest one. If you have an active licence for VE6.1.0 or VE6.1.0.1 all you need to do to is visit our online Support Centre to upgrade to VE6.1.1.

If you have an active licence for versions earlier than VE6.1.0 head over to our online Download Centre to upgrade to VE6.1.1.

If you have any problems just drop an email to our team at and we’ll help you get upgraded as quickly as we can.

Coming Soon!

We're working hard on our next major release which will be with you in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further details!

Man - I can't wait....see you at AU!

David B.

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