Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News from IES Virtual Environment -

Got these updates in a post AU email from the folks at IES - I'm downloading these as we type...

The Future of LEED modeling is here...

This year we announced the launch of our exciting new LEED Energy modeling tool, the VE-Navigator for ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED Energy). Designed by experts in the field and already live project tested by users, it streamlines the calculation and submission process. Don’t be left behind, offer your clients more competitive offerings! If you work in this field you can’t afford not to check out the technical, commercial and time-saving benefits this tool provides. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free trial today by logging on to This product will be available to purchase from early December 2010.

Trelligence Collaboration Enables Unique Early Sustainable Analysis!

We were also excited to announce our partnership with Trelligence Affinity. Imagine a world where space programming and planning, can be integrated with schematic design and early sustainable analysis, all within one platform. Factors such as square footage, % glazing, layout, and orientation make surprising differences in the cost and energy efficiencies of a building – especially when they could all be easily tested in conjunction with one another – this is the future we envisage from the integration between our two software platforms!

For more information on our partnership and how it will benefit you, visit

New VE-Gaia updates!

We hope you got the chance to check out our new VE-Gaia early stage analysis additions with double capabilities for architects at no extra cost!

VE-Gaia now provides in-depth sustainable analysis across the following:

• The Architecture 2030 Challenge

• Climate Interrogation/Bio-Climatic design

• Energy Use/Carbon Emissions

• Peak Building Loads

• Low/Zero Carbon Technology Feasibility

• Solar Shading/Daylight

• Natural Resources/Water

• Building Metrics/Materials Review

Want to know more? Contact us...

Contact call +1 617 426 1890 or visit for further information. Or alternatively you can email one of our experts who were at AU directly:

Michelle Farrell:

Kendra Milton:

Dimitri Contoyannis:

Give these folks a call!

later - David B.

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