Monday, December 19, 2011


Man, I'm actually flustered...I can't say thanks enough to the folks who hung out with me at AU this year. We (and I do mean we) won two awards this year - the top lecture for the Supercharge your Revit MEP session, and the top lab for Revit MEP: Systems? Filters? Layouts? I Need Help!

I've always tried to make the classes informative and fun - but I owe it to my physics/statics professor from college - who really engaged us as students, and made us think. He also took a tough subject, dragged us all over the county and put it all in context. Thanks, Frank - you're the inspiration I've had for years.

But it's the attendees that make the scores. You played along - you got involved in the class, engaged in the conversation, and put up with the technical glitches - and taught me as well. I can't thank you enough - and am even more motivated than before!

For all, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - we'll see you in Vegas next year!

Thanks - David B.

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