Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valves and other Schematic Symbol/Model combination families...

I'm starting up a support group...no, really...to work on tweaking the default Revit MEP libraries (starting with valves) that have to show a schematic symbol in large scale (re:1/8" and larger), and the 3D model in smaller scale (1/4" and smaller) views. I've got a few ideas - so if anyone wants to join in, send me an email at dbutts@gfnet.com. You can also join our group on Google plus, just follow this link:


Working everyday to make Revit work better for you...so we all got more time to go fishin'...

thanks - David B.


Alan J. said...

can you provide an example of how its not behaving the way you would expect? Just curious as there are a number of graphical issues relating to symbols and trying to understand this on in particular.

David Butts said...

What we're finding is that the out-of-the-box families only have a graphical symbol oriented around one direction - so one thing we've already done is to edit the families, and place the schematic symbol in both the ref level and elevation views - and set the visibility graphics tools to show these symbol based on direction. this helps with a valve that gets rotated after it's placed.

Another fix we're doing is editing the tick mark settings for both the fitting and the valves. For the most part, we only show tick marks on single line pipe that is flanged or mechanical joint. Autodesk placed the ticks in every fitting and in the flanges in their library, and in the valves, etc....so the list goes on. One change I've already made to the grey iron and carbon steel fittings is to take the tick marks out of every fitting, and only place them in flange families. We also created a "dot" flange for butt weld families, so it shows up only in coarse and medium views.

The work goes on, with a little help from my friends...once we get this all worked out, I'll post the results.

thanks - David B.