Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Piping, Worksets and Large Projects in Revit

Came across a little tidbit about changing connected systems (in this case, piping) on a good sized project. It appears that if you have worksets defined by building or structure, and you have connected geometry that is in more than one workset, you need to make sure that you're the owner of all worksets the connected pipe or duct belongs to.

In our case, we've set up an overall site model, that contains worksets based on building and discipline. We had a group of pipe we needed to shift down about a foot. When the tech went to move the pipe, he got an ownership warning (along with the editing request). In this case, the pipe that was being stretched was connected to a pipe in another workset the tech didn't have enabled, so the command fails. enabling the workset eliminated the dialog and allowed the move, even though the pipe being edited wasn't in the disabled workset.

We've discussed doing workset by systems, but this seems to be a little more let me know how you're dealing with it - is it better to have a system that's connect across a longer distance in one workset, or do it all by building? (By they way, we also have the yard piping in its own workset, too.)

Ain't this BIM stuff fun...later - dab


Plamen.Hristov said...

David you didn't mention the Revit version for the project. I know that this was a problem back in 2010 and if I am not mistaking 2011. You couldn't modify indirect elements unless you own them. That changed in 2012 and you can modify indirectly elements without owning them. Example: changing diffuser CFM, indirectly modifies all connected duct and equipments data, or in your case stretching a duct indirectly.


David Butts said...

It was actually in 2012 that we came across the issue, on a large job we're wrapping up now. You could modify the elements as long as no one had the worksets checked out, but when you split worksets on items that had more than one connector (re: th epump at the beginning or end of a system), that's where the problem occured. Hope this helps...