Sunday, September 16, 2012

'Peat and Repeat....Additional Revit Labs coming soon for AU 2012

Looks like my two Revit MEP labs will be repeated, due to demand. If you tried to get into either one of these sessions, but couldn't, check back this week. I've approved them being added, and are just working on the details for the time and location with the AU event stay tuned!

Class ID: MP1477-L  - REPEAT is MP6895-L!
Class Title: FASTER Families for Revit MEP!
Class Type: Hands-on Lab - Wednesday 1:00p

Class ID: MP1478-L - REPEAT is MP6889-L
Class Title: Perfecting the System for the Revit MEP Project
Class Type: Hands-on Lab
- Tuesday 10:30am

Anybody got a throat lozenge I can borrow....?

thanks - David B.

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