Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Good Links for MEP Products...

Autodesk has a couple of resource sites dedicated to the MEP product line you might want to check out. Both are edited and created by Armundo Darling at Autodesk, an old friend of mine that's been on the bus for a long time and has always been extremely helpful to me. Here's the link to the Revit MEP Resource Center:


And here's the one to the AutoCAD MEP Site:


Check them out when you get a chance -

Kyle Barnhardt also has a great blog with AVI's for Revit MEP - he's the product manager for Revit MEP:


And another buddy of mine (and fellow MEP ICE specialist) from Mastergraphics, Scott Brisk, also maintains a loaded MEP site for the AutoCAD side:


And here's his site for Revit MEP:


Give these sites a visit - these guys are definitely the best in the business and provide valuable information about our products.

Happy Cadding - David B.

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