Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to Ecotect!

Autodesk has completed the acquisition of Ecotect, an MEP analysis application - here's a segment of the update from Autodesk:

"Autodesk® Ecotect™ software can measure how fundamental criteria – such as solar, thermal, shading, lighting, and airflow – will affect building performance in the conceptual and detailed phases of design. This capability to forecast building performance over time better equips architects and engineers to deliver more energy-efficient and sustainable building designs.
Autodesk Ecotect Version 5.60 is now available for purchase online. The software includes Ecotect, Weather and Solar Tool installs along with help files and tutorials, example weather data, and other useful resources for getting started.

Existing Ecotect license customers may upgrade their license to version 5.6 for a limited time at no additional cost. A limited 30-day free trial version is also available for download. The trial version provides all the functionality of Ecotect, Solar, and Weather tools, minus the ability to save or print."

You can get your trial copy at www.ecotect.com - try it out and let me know what you think.

thanks - David B.

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