Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Practice Revit MEP Families

To do a little self training, I started experimenting with some family editing for annotation families. Revit MEP uses annotation families for device symbols that have to adjust for scale, so I've edited a couple with some suggestions from my buddy Rob, who is working his way through the program as well.

The idea was add some receptacles that including shading to indicate different usage. Since model families don't allow the use of fill regions as part of the family, we had started to just draw dense linework. After doing a little experimentation, I've started to make several of my own examples of shaded receptacles. We also have a receptacle label family that we made that allows the user to omit the label from the family itself. It uses a type mark label to go with the several subtypes of receptacles I made from the default duplex receptacle.

If you're interested in receiving these samples, send me an email and let me know what you think. The receptacle label is actually part of our custom training manual we (Advanced Solutions) has written specific to creating and editing families in Revit MEP.

Send your requests to my email address at dbutts@advsolinc.com.

thanks - David B.

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