Monday, November 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again

First things first...with AU two weeks away, it's starting to get busy. I've been added to an event called AU Unplugged, with a session titled Revit MEP - How's it going! The idea here is to give users a chance to show up and throw out a few ideas on how they're doing with the application, and as a group see if myself or others in the crowd can offer tips and suggestions, as well as discuss where we think the application should be going and doing. I've invited a couple of Autodesk folks to attend but haven't gotten any RSVP's yet, but hopefully they'll attend.

The session will be at 2:00pm in the Casanova ballrooms at the Venetian. Here's the link to the session:

It's limited to 30 people - if you want to come raise a little cain, get there early, it's first-come first-served, with no reservations....

Next....tip of the day....

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