Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tip o' the day...Levels...

Working on a small treatment facility, we ran into a small annoyance that prompted us to make a change.

Currently, the architects working on the model would use the 1/4" radius circle level head for all levels in a project - which included floor levels, working levels, top of wall levels, etc...the list goes on. It became clear that this would cause a problem for the engineers that were copy/monitoring the levels to create plan views. Our default view templates are set to use the level above for the view range, so all these short levels were playing having with what we were seeing.

The solution - we edited the level types, so they are a) clearly named and b) visually different. The engineer didn't need to copy every level, just the main floor levels (and ceiling levels if they were included and clearly marked). So here's what we have:

  • 1/4" Radius Level Head is now Primary Floor Level
  • Copied 1/4" Radius Level head - created Working Level (for top of wall, etc.), which is also a different color and linetype
  • Plenum Level - already existing, but changed the color and linetype, and dropped the level head
  • Ceiling Level - similar to 1/4" radius level head, but with a smaller datum, different color and linetype.

Now when the engineer goes to copy monitor the levels, it's clear which ones should be copied - since we're all such "visual" go update your templates!

Later  - David B.

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