Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting on the bus, Part 2...Carmel Software apps!

Got my ASHRAE Journal today, and found an ad from Carmel Software ( I knew about these guys from days gone by in the AutoCAD MEP content days, so I thought I'd check their site out. And if you still think you're only going to keep doing things the same way you have for the past 50 years, here's a couple of neat new apps.

First up is the HVAC Duct Sizer app for phones that are using the Android OS:

This app calculates the duct size for a single run, so it's similar to Trane's ductilator. Sizing is calculated by airflow or dimensions.

Another cool app for the iPhone is the HVAC Ultimate Toolkit - which contains a ton of apps for load calcs, duct sizing, pipe sizing and's the aggregator of a group of several HVAC apps:

So now, you can do your calcs on the run...and if you need a custom family, they can make it for you, too!

Nice...BIM goes another step towards mobile...and for those who don't know, Carmel Software is who writes the same apps that are built into Revit MEP 2011!

later - David B.

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