Tuesday, February 8, 2011

By gosh, get on the bus...

Working on my project for Revit MEP - first it's good to see just how many fabricators have gone out and made their Revit MEP content, and are finally getting on the BIM wagon.

To the rest of you - what are you thinking?

Here's my shout-out today - went looking for a small, under the sink tankless water heater - checked out Seek and the big boys...and nothin'. So I changed my search to instant water heater, and found these guys,
Chronomite -


Easy to use - go to the product page, and there's the link to download the RVT file. And it's not just a converted SKP or SAT file, but a real honest-to-god RVT model with MEP connections. And I didn't have to spend a half hour scrounging through 50 links to find the Revit models, as I did with several other "mainstream" manufacturers.

Somewhere in the middle, the industry is making the moves - but when the smaller companies like this, which can be "fleet on the feet", and make their product easily accessible to the next generation of designers (which will be the Revit users of the future - and now) - the big guys better watch out.

Just because you were successful doing things before the recession doesn't mean you'll still be successful in the next paradigm. The engineering product companies that understand how to take advantage of the "green" movement will be the successful capitalist of tomorrow...

Off my soapbox and back to the model -

Later - David B.

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