Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting panels to include patterns in a plan view in Revit MEP

We like for our 120/208 panels to have a crosshatch pattern, and the 277/480 panels to be do this:

Open your panel family - from the Family Types dialog, add a new parameter named Panel Voltage. Set this to the main voltage (120V or 277V).

Load the family into the project, then go to Visibility Graphics for the electrical view. Create a view filter that looks for a specific property of the panel, such as the Panel voltage parameter you made in the family - set it to look for an exact value that matches what you set in the family pick the 120v or 277v subcategory. Once you define the filter, add it the view - under the Patterns column, select override - make sure you check the box for visible, and then set the color and pattern you want to use so the equipment is "hatched". You might have to adjust the space of the pattern to get what you want, so make sure you duplicate an existing pattern and work from the duplicate.

later - David B.


Tim M said...

David - How have you been doing Lighting Control Panel/Relay Panels?

David Butts said...

I'm still any good resources?

The CAD guy said...

I have not used revit, I am trying to learn as much as I can. I am an inventor user, but in this economic evironment, I am trying to learn as much about all design diciplines as I can. I'll see if AutoDesk still offers a trial version of revit.
Scott at Centennial CAD

David Butts said...

You can still get 30 day trials directly from IF you're unemployed, there was a program available to help you get either lower cost or free versions (don't hold me to this -
I've been out of the channel for six months and don't remember all the details). Check with an Autodesk reseller to find out if this program is still being offered. And if you're still employed, you're doing what you need to be doing - expanding your own knowledge base - well done!