Thursday, July 7, 2011

AU...2011...He's back....

Batter up - it's time to start working on AU 2011. Got 4 classes this year:

Class ID: MP2503

Title: Supercharge your Revit MEP 2012
Type: Lecture

Class ID: MP2531-L
Title: Revit MEP - Fast Families for Engineers
Type: Hands-On Lab

Class ID: MP3724-L
Title: HVAC in AutoCAD MEP - New and Improved
Type: Hands-On Lab

Class ID: MP3726-L
Title: Revit MEP - Systems? Filters? Layouts? I Need Help!
Type: Hands-On Lab

I had to do the tips and tricks things again - working on some new ways to do the templates...and the labs were based on areas that were constant issues we cam across in our firm. So, hopefully, these will help you in these areas, too.
And we're back at the Venetian - so I'll see you in Vegas!

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heymoa said...

Digging up the past but I have a question on your handout. It is very good thank you but my query is regarding the Bonus Track step 4 where you are saving the filters to a view template. I notice that the filter list saves but the overrides do not save. I do find this a big downfall to Revit and filters as for MEP layouts filters are very important. They are the equivalent to the Display Manager in ACAD MEP I guess. The other issue I have is you cant turn the filters on or off easily, ie the filter override. Un-ticking the filter visibility will turn off the display of the elements not the filter over rides, if that makes sense? Cheers