Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shared Parameters - I learn something new every day...

Ever have this happen - you create a shared parameter, such as voltage for an electrical connector that you want to include in a schedule...then you add it to a family. Then, somewhere else, you wind up creating another shared parameter for the same value. In the scheduling dialog, you wind up with more than one parameter with the same my case, I had 3 voltage parameters - but who knew which was the right one?

Here's a little secret about the shared parameters (thanks, Norb, for reminding me). It's not the name of the parameter that Revit remembers, but the GUID number:


PARAM 36abb100-7229-462d-afc8-9b0148c51bb6 Panel Source TEXT 11 1

PARAM 43632901-7736-4250-a30e-4af2329dbc2c Boiler EWT NUMBER 19 1
So, everytime you make a new parameter - they each have a unique identifier. If you're not working from the same shared parameters file, you could wind up with duplicates. Make sure you clearly define what you're going to use - for example, our new MEP shared parameters file only has values that are actually used in schedules...and common ones such as electrical load values - voltage, phase, apparent load - that are used by more than one schedule, are only created once.
So if you ever get one that shows up more than once, this is why...
Data's the truth...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...
later - David B.

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